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Understanding Gifted Students and Their Needs (2212-12)

Ever wonder what that “gifted” label really means? Maybe upon seeing a name on a list you’ve thought, “THAT student is gifted?! Really?!?!” Or maybe you are just that special type of teacher who is eager for more information about how to differentiate instruction for gifted students? Whatever brings you here, this course will help you better understand what “gifted” means and why those students need something different from other students, separate even from the top achievers in your class.

Includes the free, downloadable resources:
➤ 12 Traits of Giftedness: a Non-Biased Profile
➤ Four Ways to Differentiate Instruction

Course Author: Kristen Pinter

  • Welcome!
  • Smart vs. gifted: What makes gifted students who they are.
  • Is it a Cheetah?
  • Pennsylvania's Definition of Gifted
  • But are gifted students really that different?
  • What might those differences look like in a classroom?
  • Resource | 12 Traits of Giftedness: a Non-Biased Profile
  • What do I need to understand about gifted students in my classroom?
  • Side-by-Side Comparison: Gifted Students and High Achieving Students
  • What do I DO with a gifted student?
  • What Now?
  • Differentiation: Modify by Content, Process, and Product
  • Resource | Four Ways to Differentiate Instruction
  • Interactive: Three Types of Differentiation
  • Adaptations for Gifted Students
  • Examples of Differentiation
  • Long-Term Consequences
  • The Wall
  • District Gifted Services
  • Take Action!
  • Learning Extensions
  • About the Author: Kristen Pinter
  • Share Your Feedback
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